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Google Adwords Keyword Tool (Keyword Sandbox)

Google Adwords is Google's advertising program. It lets you create and display ads to people searching online for information related to your business. Specifically, it's a keyword-based advertising program that allows you to show your ads to the most relevant or targeted audience.

For example, when someone visits the Google search engine and enters the query -- internet advertising agency -- Google will display a wide range of search results such as websites pertaining to advertising on the internet and links to articles containing advice on internet advertising.

At the same time, Google will also display ads called "Adwords" that link to online businesses selling internet advertisements and products & services related to the query "internet advertising agency".

Now, if you're the owner of an internet advertising agency, you could sign up for an AdWords account and create ads for your internet advertising products and/or services. You might select single keywords or keyword phrases such as "internet advertising" or "internet advertising agency" related to your ad's message for each of your ads.

Once your Adwords account is activated, the Adwords system would constantly seek out search queries related to the keywords you've selected and display your ads to highly targeted audience.

To assist you in your Adwords campaign, Google, like Yahoo! Search Marketing, also has its own keyword tool called the Keyword Sandbox. However, this tool differs from Yahoo!'s in a number of significant ways.

Whereas Yahoo's keyword selector tool provides you with the related searches of your keyword term, and its respective popularity in the previous month, Google's Keyword Sandbox uses lifetime data to provide keyword suggestions but without the popularity information.

Keyword Sandbox will return less keywords because you can't drill down on the related terms, but will return more types of keyword suggestions. If you're running your ads on broad keywords, you may also find additional terms that may trigger your ads.

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